Biggs & Greenslade Represents Bond Companies, Surety Companies, Individual Indemnitors, and Bond Posters at Bond forfeiture hearings throughout East Texas.

According to Texas Law, when a Defendant fails to appear for a scheduled court date, a warrant is issued and the bond is forfeited. At this hearing, a bond company, through their attorney, or individual bond poster can present evidence and arguments to the Court as to why the bond should be exonerated and not forfeited to the State.

Bail bondsmen and surety companies face specific risks and have unique legal need. When a defendant misses court, it can mean paying a sizable bond forfeiture judgment. We can assist with the aftermath when a defendant misses court, whether that means filing a motion to surrender the defendant found incarcerated in another State or County or asserting procedural defenses to a forfeiture judgment. We can also defend suits brought by the State to collect forfeiture judgments.