Biggs & Greenslade prides itself in the efficient and aggressive representation of clients with valid claims for personal injury. Whether its automobile accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, or otherwise, we're proud to help you and your loved ones with your personal injury claims.

We understand how complex the legal system can be when dealing with personal injury cases. That's why we have spent years representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide array of personal injury actions, including but not limited to:

Motor vehicle accidents

Some of the most common cases in personal injury law are the result of motor vehicle accidents. At our law firm in Tyler, Texas, we're very familiar with personal injury and property damage cases as a result of these accidents.


From an inappropriately marked risk area leading to bruises, broken limbs, or even wrongful death, our firm understands how to evaluate the myriad issues of every case based on negligence assertions. We ensure aggressive and efficient handling of any and all negligence cases for our clients.

General liability

Because businesses can often be at the wrong end of general liability or casualty insurance claims, especially involving personal injury or property damage. Biggs & Greenslade provides expertise in these areas and can ensure a positive outcome.

Wrongful Death

Our experience in the personal injury realm makes us extremely knowledgeable and competent in the handling of wrongful death cases, providing us with excellent insight into jury selection, handling the emotional context of the case, and understanding the risk for severe damages.

Nonsubscriber Litigation

By representing East Texas employers, Biggs & Greenslade can help your company manage employee injury claims. Our team can help you to minimize the possible impact of any nonsubscriber litigation.

Oil Field Industry

Through our expertise in personal injury law, our lawyers can help the oil and gas industries in the East Texas area with cases involving property damage or bodily injury as a result of drilling and production operations.


We welcome transportation clients, including both trucking and bus companies, who are dealing with cases involving personal injury, loss of income, products liability, breach of contract, or death.  Our attorneys have substantial understanding of transportation laws, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and handle a multitude of cases involving personal injury, death, cargo loss, loss of income, products liability, breach of contract and faulty logistics arising within the transportation industry.